My Program & Goals

This will be my updated page with all my info about what I am working on and my goals.

My Age: 31
My height:
5' 7"
Current BMI: 33.6
My Starting weight: 231
Current Weight: 214.6
Total loss so far: -16.4lbs
Pant Size Start: 24
Pant Size Current: 18

15lbs lost- 1/30/11
20 lbs lost- 10/16/11
20 lbs lost after regain 07/13/14
Hit under 200lbs-
35lbs lost-
Reach an overweight (not obese) BMI @ 191 lbs-(40lbs lost)-
50lbs lost (181lbs)-
60lbs lost-

Main Goal: hit 165lbs
My Goal for now is to hit 165lbs. That would put me at the very top of the normal weight for my height. Once I reach that weight I will recheck my goal and see where I want to weigh from there. I think it is important not to set a lower weight goal until you get close to being ideal. A number doesn't really matter and not everyone can wear the same weight well. 120lbs could be perfect on me or it could make me look like a twig. I won't know until I am closer.

Currently I am working on eating healthier, adding in fruits, veggies & real food. Staying away from prepackaged & fast food. I think it is important to take small steps and this is my first one. See my post here about it.

Walk walk walk baby. I really want to run but I am really out of shape and I just am not comfortable doing the whole couch to 5k yet. But on a forum someone suggested doing a brisk walk during the running parts until you build up the fitness level. I like this alot and it is my plan.

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